What you will find here are mostly pictures of women doing all kinds of things. The goal is to show the reality of women's lives.

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Reason why men cannot see ‘beyond their own noses’ is because men only see and accept other males as ‘human beings.’ It is called male myopia wherein a male/males views only other males as existing in their own right. Two or more males interact with each other and the woman remains invisible – she vainly attempts to have her voice heard/listened to by the ‘great men’ but they refuse to even recognise her existence. Woman only becomes visible when man (sic) wants/demands something from her and even then she is not viewed as human but always as something in relation to what is supposedly the default human – aka male. She only exists as and when a male demands something from her – whether it is her body; her labour; her nurture – at all other times she is non-existent.

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